The UGA Writing Center Locations

Park Hall, Room 66

Park Hall Emma Lab, Room 118

Science Library, Room 201

Miller Learning Center, Room 302


Our Mission Statement

The Writing Center maintains a strong commitment to the excellence of all UGA students. We understand that writing is critical to excellence both in the classroom and in the professional future of each student we encounter, regardless of academic interests. We seek to assist students in understanding the writing process, elaborating on their ideas and theories, and evaluating and editing their own work.


Our Services

The Writing Center offers a variety of services to meet the needs of both undergraduate and graduate students

  • We help you learn to evaluate the concepts of your writing, including thesis development and organization of the essay's content.

  • We teach you how to self-evaluate and proofread your work in every academic subject.

  • We offer tutoring and workshops on various aspects of the writing process.

  • We help both undergraduate and graduate students on any type of writing, from an English 1101 essay to a statement of purpose for medical school to a dissertation draft.

  • Students can bring in their work at any point in the writing process (from brainstorming stages to the complete draft) and meet with an experienced consultant to discuss their work. 

  • Drop-in tutoring is available in Park Hall 66 when a consultant is available.  If a consultant is not available, you can always drop in at the Miller Learning Center, room 302, M-F from 1-4pm.

  • Class visits familiarizing your students with Writing Center services are available to instructors and professors throughout UGA.  The Writing Center staff will help you design a workshop for your students and present the workshop to your class. Email the writing center if you’re interested: 



  • Each student is allowed one appointment total per week, regardless of location. One appointment in the Science Library counts as your appointment for the week.

  • If you realize you cannot make your appointment, please cancel it online before your scheduled time.

  • Students are allowed one no-show per semester. After the second no-show, you will not be allowed to use the Writing Center system.

  • Please be on time to your appointment, ready to collaborate with your consultant and learn the skills that will help you improve your own writing.


Make an Appointment

Click Here to make an appointment with one of our writing consultants.


How to Prepare for your Appointment

  • Show up a few minutes early so that we can begin the appointment on time (and turn off your cell phone, of course).

  • Bring your notes or draft and a copy of the assignment sheet. If your draft is on a laptop, that is fine.

  • If you have specific questions or concerns about your work, write them down before your appointment.

  • Remember, consultants don't proofread entire papers—but they are very good at helping you learn to produce stronger writing .